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#tbt State Champs concert


State Champs | Elevated


Saturday - Fall Out Boy

I’m good to go for something golden

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Well I had half a day off today and of course had to find something to do with my life so I downloaded FeaturePoints (the app where you earn money by testing apps). My sister has it and has gotten money from using it so I decided to try it. It’s pretty easy to use, just download the app, use it for a minute or two and collect points that can be redeemed for paypal money and giftcards (longer on some of the RPG apps, they make you finish the tutorial before you get the points). Then you can delete the apps. Anyway if you haven’t tried it yet and want to, use my referral code: SEYXDE  ….you’ll get some extra points and I’ll get points when you try out apps too :D

55 hour work week: complete. Now if only I didn’t have to start it all over again tomorrow. Still no day off till next Monday.


State Champs - Elevated

The good news is my boss liked one of my advertising slogan suggestions and shared it with the owner of like half the restaurants and he liked it too and they’re going to share it with everyone else to potentially use in an ad in the magazine they give out at the football games so that’s cool. He asked me to come up with some design concepts for the ad itself though to go with the slogan which is not my strong point so i ended up sending him pictures of a badly edited hot sauce bottle floating in front of different football related things so not so sure how that part of it will turn out. Luckily they have a graphic designer to take care of all of that, they just want me to take part in brainstorming ideas. It wasn’t exactly the internship I had wanted but it is pretty cool. And the restaurant’s facebook page has been way up in views and interactions since I started posting and that’s pretty cool too. :)

the-random-thought-caravan said: Hey. 35 hrs of work and double shifts is no good. Hope you get the chance to have a real good unwind soon :)

Ah thanks! Wednesday is my last day at one of my jobs so then it will just be one job with a built-in internship which should be much better. For now I’m just focusing on the money I’ll be making this week that I’m going to need in order to pay for the rest of my concert tickets for this fall haha.


Derek Discanio rocking the YUNG beanie all the way in New Zealand!

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