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Something Corporate is just one of those bands where I get in the mood to listen to them out of nowhere and have to listen to like every single song on repeat all night.

burn everything you love, then burn the ashes

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we were the kids who screamed "we weren't the same"

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Fall out boy members part 4/4

   ↳ Pete Wentz - Bassist

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There are only about 20 people at my family party. I think we went a little overboard on the desserts.


@petewentz and I always breaking into your local department store living room set to eat Ben and Jerry’s.” 


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My friends are drunk so I drove them to mighty taco. Jim threw his credit card at me. It’s a good night.




10 Things we will all miss from our childhood..

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Are you happy you made me cry you sick son/daughter/gender neutral progeny of a bitch/bastard/gender neutral insult.  

I didn’t have the Disney Channel, and I never watched Bill Nye, but I did love my Disney VHS tapes…I had the “bad” Little Mermaid one. I LIVED for the Scholastic Book Fair!

Those are not the original 3. Before those were on Disney I was watching So Weird, famous Jett Jackson, the Jersey, In a heartbeat. And there were shows before those from before I started watching. Even Stevens and Lizzie Mcguire weren’t bad, and it was definitely all downhill from there, I just hate it when everyone forgets that there were shows before them.

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I got home from work an hour ago and everyone from my house was gone and they’re still not back this better end in food

American’s Music Preferences Mapped By Genre



Movoto has released an interactive map showing musical preferences by genre throughout American. The above map is for punk music, and other select maps can be found below after the jump.

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I like the random splotch for punk music on Western New York.

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