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So the APMAs were really fun last night (other than fall out boy only doing one song for some reason when most people were there for them and everyone else did 2 or more). I didn’t get a chance to post at all last night because my phone battery didn’t make it through the night and we had a crazy adventure getting back to the our hotel but I’ll post lots of pictures and stuff later. The best parts were standing along the red carpet taking pictures, and all time low’s performance with yellowcard, New found glory, and pierce the veil :D

First thing I see at the cabin we’re staying at.

Oh so I’m going to be at a cabin in the Finger Lakes for the next few days and won’t have wifi. I’ll have my phone but who knows if I’ll have reception so if I’m not on that’s why.

There was a bowling tournament in town this week so we were busy at work so I made lots of tips. So I got my eyebrows and nails done for the APMAs :D (if my nails last through the weekend in the finger lakes)


State Champs (by MacKenzie Richmond)


Warped Tour 2014 - Derek Discanio rocking our LT Contrast Tee last night in Cincinnati Ohio! You can check out the shirt he’s wearing on the “Threads” section of www.lifelessthreads.com 

You can catch State Champs on the Vans Warped Tour all summer long!

Shouts to Jordan Ryan (@digmyowngrave91) for getting these incredible photos!

Via Lifeless Threads


State Champs played main stage today at warped tour. I was happy/excited/proud. #favouritebandfeels #statechamps #Cleveland #warpedtour @statechampsny

It was a lie, they were dvd-rs not cds. So now I have to create 3 mixes and ditch the full ed sheeran album :P


I’m deciding what 6 CDs to have in my car cd player for this trip and I had decided on State Champs, Ed Sheeran’s old album, Save Rock and Roll, my burned Go Radio CD that includes Lucky Street and Do Overs and Second Chances and 2 mixes that I’m currently making. But I spent like the last hour cutting my two mix playlists down to under 80 minutes because that’s what the CDs I’ve been using hold. But when I went to get the blank CDs I only had 1 left. So I went into the den to see if my mom has any blank CDs and I found a brand new pack of 120 MINUTE BLANK CDs. NOW I CAN ADD LIKE 80 MORE MINUTES OF MUSIC YESSSS

I’m finally getting around to listening to the new Ed Sheeran album that I bought when it came out. I just love his voice so much. This is gonna make it hard to decide what to listen to on my drive to the finger lakes.

Nothing’s Wrong - State Champs 


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