So Tell Me What's It Like To Fly?

Actually a day off AND I have someone to hang out with for the first time in 3 weeks. Finally can wear the Topshop flannel I got on vinted for like $12.


Pierce The Veil - Caraphernelia [video credit]

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This is like yellowcard meets Madden meets mapcrunch

This is why I left my other job. Today I made more in one day than I used to make in 2 weeks at bbb.

I’m proud of myself because I waitressed today and my tips were over 20% of my sales :D

I went to the store to buy this the other day and the DVD version didn’t come with a digital copy and we don’t have a blu-ray player but we’re probably getting one soon because our DVD player sucks but there was no Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack so I didn’t know which to buy so I just left without buying it and was sad.


heavy metal broke my 



Via Then the pigeons took over my sand castle city.

Think about the chance I never had to say,
"Thank you for giving up your life that day."
Never fearing, only hearing voices calling out
Let it all go, the life that you know, just to bring it down alive
And you still came back for me
You were strong and you believed

Via It's you that's coursing through my veins

Anonymous said: Tell Derek to get a haircut or just to please do something with that hair.


I rather tell you to fuck off! His life, his hair.

Not to mention there is nothing wrong with his hair, he is adorable??? What even???

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Day 3 of tacos for dinner and I ain’t even mad.

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